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Independent Lab Reports

High Falls Canna NY believes in the importance of quality education and transparency with our customers. The standards applied to our products is critical to ensure that the highest quality, and most consistent products, are delivered to you. We have been leaders in education and understand the importance of products that have been tested by independent, third party state licensed labs for all products. This process further ensures that we adhere to all regulatory processes and clearly outline our product information for consumers.

Each product has a corresponding lab report that can be accessed on our website with all the pertinent details about the product you have purchased. These lab reports can be accessed via the QR code clearly printed on the label for ease in obtaining as well.

As part of our quality process, before we release our products to be sold, each lot that we produce is sent to an independent, state licensed third party lab to be tested for cannabinoid content as well as heavy metals,pesticides and biologic contaminants. Then, these reports are evaluated and checked to ensure everything we promise is proven to be in the product, and the product is safe from any contaminants before the product is released into the market for sale.

 The lab results are performed on the final product in the packaging which you have purchased. Unlike other cannabis cultivators in 2023, we actually test the final product for potency, while other cultivators are free to use the “Seed providers best estimate of what to expect when their genetics are grown”. We believe this practice is mis-leading and choose not to participate in this charade. We test the potency of all active ingredients from the lot (batch) your product was taken from. This ensures that the product in your hands is the potency printed on the label.

To review the THC lab report for your product, please match the lot number on the bottom of your product label with the list below – simply click on the link to see the lab report on that specific batch.