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High Falls Canna NY

High Falls Canna NY (aka HV Ag Corp.) is the cannabis cultivation licensed entity (Lic # OCM AUCC 2022-000215) which is located 90 miles north of NYC not far from the town of New Paltz in the Hudson Valley. High Falls Canna NY is affiliated with High Falls Hemp NY, the CBD wellness company.


High Falls Canna extends the wellness mission of High Falls Hemp NY to create a line of crafted cannabis products from the cannabis we grow on our Hudson Valley farm. We employ organic farming practices and inputs in the sun-kissed Hudson Valley terroir where our cannabis grow is located. We are blessed with amazing farmland where we grow our cannabis and previously grew our hemp, which allows for full sunlight from dawn to dusk. The cannabis gods are shinning on our operations, as the elevation of our drying and curing facility (a short distance from our fields) is exactly 420 ft elevation.


Prior to becoming a licensed cannabis cultivator, we spent 4 years growing hemp and establishing our home-grown NY state CBD brand: High Falls Hemp NY. Our CBD 2.0 approach to this sector is revolutionary in the CBD realm as we rely on minor cannabinoids (CBG and CBN), natural terpenes and herbal inputs to craft the most effective products on the market while attaining stellar customer reviews (4.9 out of 5 stars) on our e-commerce site. Efficacy and consumer experience are of paramount importance as exemplified by the fact that our CBD 2.0 products have received national acclaim and awards. As with our cannabis products, each of our hemp based products comes with a QR code which links to a full panel lab report for each lot we produce.​

We are bringing the same discipline, dedication and love for this amazing plant into all of our cannabis endeavors.

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